Talent: An innate gift?

Not quite! Exceptional performance is the combination of a person’s innate factors multiplied by diligent learning through training. The last 60 years of research in cognitive and neuroscience have yielded profound discoveries in the field of skill learning and mastery. Some of the keys to elite performance have been intuitively used by virtuoso musicians, extraordinary athletes, writers and scientists.

Reach New Heights

While there are definite genetic differences between people, one of the main components of talent, expertise and mastery in all fields, is practice. Research has shown that the importance of deliberate and purposeful practice is even greater than previously thought. Whether you want to be an exceptional golfer, a great gamer, or just a get good at playing the guitar, you can now do it up to 6 times faster than normal by applying specific cognitive practice techniques.

Not made for it?

If you have ever tried to learn some skill, like learning the piano, sports, writing, scientific research, public relations, marketing, gaming, etc. you probably have found that after an initial phase of fast progress you become stuck and don’t seem to increase in skill very much. The same happens to everyone when learning to drive a car. At first you learn quick, but later, despite thousands of hours of driving, your skill does not approach that of a race car driver. Normally you assume you are just not cut to be great at that skill. But nothing could be further from the truth!

You too can achieve Mastery

If you know how to practice properly and the actions you can take to optimize your memory consolidation, you can acquire just about any skill and become really proficient at it. And if you are already proficient and want to take your performance to the next level, the right kind of practice and learning technique is even more important.

What can the STAARC System do for me?


Reach higher levels of performance

Avoid plateaus and the frustration of not improving


Improve your skills fast

Learn mental and motor skills up to 6 times faster than with normal practice




Achieve Mastery

Whether you are a beginner or already an expert, your diligence and persistence will be rewarded

What is the STAARC System?

The STAARC system is the result of putting together all scientific knowledge on the acquisition of motor and mental skills. This body of knowledge, has never before been integrated into a single training program for the purpose of fast and near optimal skill training. While many elite trainers, performers and athletes intuitively or knowingly use many of the key aspects, they do not use them all at the same time. And in many cases even high level performers in all disciplines do not train systematically at all.


The STAARC training system stands for: Segmented Target, Adaptive Approximations, and Rapid Consolidation. These concepts are the embodiment of The keys of talent building, as found by cognitive and neurological science research. This system was put together by a Physicist with more than 20 yrs of experience in cognitive science research, and takes into consideration not one or two, but hundreds of studies that constitute hard scientific knowledge on how we acquire skills and achieve expertise.

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All sports ha a skill component in addition to physical attributes. The more mental a sport, or the more it requires precision and finesse, the more it benefits from the STAARC System. Golf, football, soccer, tennis, athletics, swimming, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, martial arts, etc.

Music Playing

One of the best applications of the system is in music interpretation. And it’s in this area where most people practice in the worst possible way. Learn any instrument up to any level of performance you want to attain.


An ideal area for the application of the system. You will learn how to rapidly outperform your opponents and become a real master of any game you chose. This is not limited to video games but applies to other games of skill, including chess or speed solving a rubik’s cube.

Science & Technology

Becoming a good scientist or getting proficient at programming or photoshop, requires learning a specific set of skills. Improve dramatically by applying the system to your particular field of interest.

Arts & Literature

Painting, sculpting, film making, and writing, are among the artistic endeavours that require skill. Now you can become a better artist or writer with purposeful practice. You will see a dramatic change in your skills as you practice with the STAARC techniques.

Other Skills

Many other fields can benefit form the STAARC system, as long as there is a skill involved.  Business, administration, marketing, salesmanship, entertainment, acting, etc.

Its all mostly about practice.

Obviously, you have to practice to get better at anything, but how you practice is just as important. If logging lots of practice hours was the only ingredient, then all park chess players would be Grand Masters, and most regular golf players would be professionals. But that’s not the case. And the reason is not that they are incapable of reaching high levels of performance, but rather that they don’t know the ingredients of useful practice.

  • Regular Practice 100%
  • Expert Practice 65%
  • STAARC Practice 16%

Hours of Practice Needed

How many hours?

You don’t need 10,000 hours of practice to be really good at something. Only the best in the world need that kind of dedication. But no matter what your goal is, you can reach it faster, in less practice hours if you practice correctly.

The Power of Sleep

Studies have shown the relationship between sleep and learning. Memory consolidation, the process of engraving a skill into our brains, happens during specific phases of sleep. By sleeping the right amount of time, and taking naps at the right times and with the right duration, we can increase the memory consolidation and learn much faster without further training. Not sleeping enough and/or taking naps that are too short, diminish your ability to learn a skill fast.

The STAARC System Fast Track


The Fast Track kit includes all the materials you need to get started with the STAARC System. Every aspect of the system is clearly explained with application examples and graphical illustrations. A full system that guides your from the creation of your own training program to the execution and tracking of your progress.

With the STAARC System you will learn how to improve faster than ever before, without frustration from lack of progress, and with no time wasted.

The STAARC System Fast Track is the easiest and quickest way to create a training program for your specific field and level of achievement. With the Fast Track guides you will learn all the steps required for having a successful practice session, as well as to how to schedule your sessions for maximum benefit.

Core Features


The STAARC System Program

Description of the STAARC system, the full program, practice sessions, sleep consolidation, application examples and how to test yourself.


The Keys To Talent

Concise explanation of the neuro-cognitive processes involved in skill acquisition. The elements that enable the fastest improvement possible.

Practice Workflow Poster

Graphical guide of the training workflow. A quick reference of all the steps involved and a checklist at your finger tips. Page and poster sized.


Polyphasic Sleep & Training Schedules

Graphical schedules for different training regimes to suit your needs. Includes practice and sleep timings.

Monthly Plan Charts

Customize your training to your personal needs and always keep track of what comes next. Maintain a goal and purpose during all your training. Setup your STAARC targets with precision so you know what to do in each practice session.

Progress Charts

Keep track of your learning process and accumulated practice time. Record all sessions and graphically chart your progress towards daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

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